A few notes on the Danforth bike lanes

Today I had the opportunity to bike over to the Danforth with a few friends. I had not been over there since the removal of the CafeTO patios, so I was anxious to see the changes. I met up with fellow bike advocate Janet Joy Wilson in Bloor West Village.

Just a reminder that even though it is wonderful to have bike lanes all the way to Runnymede, the sections under the two railway bridges between Dundas St W and Symington are still not done, and in fact may not be done until late 2021 due to hydro and metrolinx work on both the Barrie and Kitchener GO lines.

Meeting up with Albert, Donna, and Arthur at Sherbourne.

Passing this fine example of utility cycling on the viaduct.

Crossing the onramp to the DVP just before Broadview is always going to be one of the most dangerous spots on Bloor-Danforth for cyclists.

With the removal of the CafeTO patios, the bike lanes are now a straight shot. However, I would still like to see the patios back next summer. They were a great addition to a revitalized streetscape. Hopefully they will also reduce opposition to the bike lanes from the Greektown BIA.

A brief stop in Greektown.

Another stop at Mofer Coffee which was highly recommended as a good source for coffee and well as beans. In these pandemic times, it is vital to shop local, and to show merchants that cyclists are good customers.

Dave of @TorontoCycleChic has been renting an e-bike from zygg on a monthly basis, and he has been very satisfied. He says it’s a good way to check out e-bike ownership before making an investment.

Regrettably due to time constraints, I had to turn back at this point. I did check out some of the intersection treatments on the north side on the way back.

The green boxes for left turning cyclists at Greenwood and Danforth seemed too small to be effective.

There were other intersections with some traffic calming with painted bumpouts and bollards, particularly at intersections with less busy streets like this cul de sac.

This treatment at Woodycrest was interesting. I’m wondering if the large hatched area was intended as a loading zone for the pizza pizza.

The intersection at Logan had treatments on both corners, probably due to the proximity to the Alexander the Great parkette.

The city just finished a survey about Destination Danforth. One hopes that community feedback is sufficiently positive to make the bike lanes on Danforth permanent.

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