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This page is no longer being updated.

For the latest, please visit Toronto Community Bikeways Coalition and the “We Belong on Bloor” campaign to learn about extending the Bloor bike lanes westward from Runnymede to the Mississauga border and beyond!


We are a volunteer group of advocates who believe in the joyful, affordable, utilitarian value of the bicycle to make our neighbourhood, our city and our planet a better place to live.

Our earliest initiative was a bike parade in September 2007, which drew 500 cyclists and quickly grew to 2,000 cyclists by 2009 — to our knowledge the largest-ever cycling advocacy ride in Toronto. In 2011, with the formation of Bells on Danforth and Bells on Yonge our rides became collaborative events, culminating in BIKESTOCK in 2014 — a mass cycling ride and musical entertainment at City Hall. These events also promoted pedestrian safety, given our belief that all vulnerable road users have a right to be safe in the city.

In November 2017 — after a decade of persistent advocacy — we celebrated the permanent installation of the Bloor bike lane from Avenue Road to Shaw Street. In the summer of 2020, we celebrated again, this time with the extension of the bike lane westward 4.5 km to Runnymede (and eastward to Dawes Road along the Danforth), FINALLY creating a continuous (but for one gap) 15-km east-west spine for a city cycling network. There is still more work to be done; indeed, the campaign has already started to extend the Bloor bike lane further westward to the border with Mississauga, including a segment along Dundas Street, between the Six Points intersection and the city boundary. We are now working side-by-side with the Toronto Community Bikeways Coalition. https://www.communitybikewaysto.ca

Our work includes bike counts, community organization and outreach, writing, research, public meetings and public speaking, lobbying councillors, canvassing local businesses, safety initiatives (such as the 2012 Coroner’s report), City Hall deputations, tracking of the bike plan … and much much more.

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