What’s this all about?

Bells on Bloor is a mass ride that has been a summer tradition for many years. This year, linking up with the Cycle and Sole rally will make this event extra special. All afternoon we’ll celebrate and advocate for bicycle and pedestrian safety. We’re asking for Bike Lanes on Bloor and for slower speed limits. Find out more at CycleandSole.com and BellsonBloor.org. Or visit Cycle and Sole’s FB event page.

In 2013, the City will re-pave Bloor from Dundas W. to Spadina. Bloor St. is one of Toronto’s favoured bike routes because it is long, flat and has no streetcar tracks. But it also has one of the highest car/bike collision rates in the city. Let’s make it safer for all road users for just the cost of some paint on the roadway. After decades of danger, NOW is the time to ensure that we make it safe for cyclists, especially from Dundas St. W. through the underpasses to Ossington.

Given the normal sloth and inaction of the City, Bloor bike lanes will need a LOT of community pressure on Councillor Bailao particularly, (and she may be supportive so just be firm). But Councillors Vaughan, Layton, Perks and Doucette also need to hear from you. Please email all these councillors. Start with  councillor_bailao@toronto.ca
and then insert other councillors names for bailao.
Mention whatever personal concerns, fears and experiences you have/had, stress the City’s liability and copy yourself/family.

Yes, bike lanes would mean removing parking on one side of the street, but there’s lots more atop the subway, and the subway itself for mobility.
NOW is the time for bike lanes on Bloor.

Please share this with another cyclist/neighbour/residents’ associations.

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