Backgrounder posted for the 2019-2021 Bike Plan

The backgrounder for the latest revision to the City of Toronto Bike Plan has been posted. This will be considered at the June 27 Infrastructure and Environment Committee meeting, and then it move to further consideration at City Council.

The agenda item is here.

The sentences relevant to Bloor/Danforth are as follows:

“As part of the Update to the Cycling Network Plan, the major corridors were reviewed and prioritized based on the analysis results, as well as on previous Council commitments, recently completed Avenue Studies, and planned capital works. The following corridors are proposed for study in the near-term program (2019-2021): 

• Danforth Avenue Planning and Complete Streets Study (Broadview Ave to Victoria Park Ave): Launching in summer 2019, through a collaboration between Transportation Services, City Planning, and Economic Development and Culture, this project will evaluate opportunities for a complete streets design. Implementation proposed for 2021. 

• Bloor Street West (Shaw St to High Park Ave): Launching in fall 2019, this project will involve planning, design, and public consultation for an extension of the Bloor St West cycle tracks to High Park, with implementation proposed for 2020 or 2021. 

• Bloor Street East (Church St to Sherbourne St): As a next step from the Bloor Street East Streetscape Improvement Plan, an Environmental Assessment for this project will be initiated in early 2020. Road reconstruction is planned in 2022.”

Note that it is not clear what “implementation” means for the first two bullet points. Note that there is a distinction drawn for Bloor St. East, which uses the phrase “Road reconstruction”.

One hopes that the phrase in the first paragraph “proposed for study” doesn’t mean that all that will happen by 2021 are more studies.

BTW: our turtle derby video is now available on youtube, as well as from the link on the “reports and videos” tab.


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