Pride and privilege on Bloor


(photo jnyyz)

A great article in Dandyhorse by Albert Koehl, providing some perspective on the recent articles about the increase in traffic delays along the stretch of Bloor St. associated with the bike lane pilot. He also talks about some of the discussion during the panel discussion this past Friday at Honest Ed’s.

You can see some of Wayne Scott’s pictures from the event here.

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Preliminary data released on Bloor Bike Lanes

The Toronto Star just published an article about the Bloor Bike Lanes. They got hold of some preliminary data that was taken last fall, just after the lanes were installed, via a freedom of information request.  It shows that cycling was up 36%, and at the same time, driving times were up about 8 minutes.

We all know that traffic was a mess during the period while people were adjusting to the presence of the bike lanes. The bike ridership numbers are also different from surveys done by Albert Koehl et al, although the dates of the surveys were different.

The story includes some reactions to the data. The city intends to “tweak” the bike lanes to reduce delays for cars. At the same time, the mayor is taking a wait and see attitude. Ultimately, the votes this fall as to whether to keep the bike lanes is going to be a political decision as there is no strictly data driven way to balance bicycle ridership and safety versus negative impacts such as car traffic delays, and economic impact.

Update: the city has released a slide deck that parallels the information in the Star article.


and here are some reader letters in response to the Star article


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Tracking Wintertime Bike Ridership on the Bloor Bike Lane


great article by Albert Koehl and Chris Caputo about bike counts on the Bloor bike lanes during this past winter. Short version: the winter bike counts are as much as half the peak summertime bike counts on Bloor in 2015!

(photo jnyyz)


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Heros and Villains of 2016: Torontoist

Torontoist has released its slate of heroes and villains for 2016. The Bloor Bike Lanes are on the list of heroes. Vote by January 5, although we probably will lose out to Honest Ed’s (which is on the Bloor bike lanes!)

Oh, and Pedestrian Victim Blaming is a worthy villain.


Update: The Bloor Bike Lanes are the hero of 2016 (and pedestrian blaming is the villain!) (thus demonstrating the uselessness/benefit of an anonymous online poll)

Thanks to all who  voted.

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Jingle Bells on Bloor


Today was Jingle Bells on Bloor, promoting shopping along the section of Bloor with the bike lane pilot. Hardworking Cycle Toronto volunteers set up two stations at Clinton in Koreatown, and Howland in the Annex.

Jared Kolb drops by the tent at Clinton.


Here’s the group at Howland, with Herb dressed for the occasion.


Anthony poses with his very festive Big Dummy.


The City is doing a good job of keeping the separated sections of the bike lane plowed.


The sections cleared by regular snowplows can be more problematic, but they were fine today.


Santa’s helpers know enough to use cargobikes.


Cycle Santa wishes everyone Happy Holidays and safe cycling!


(all photos jnyyz)

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A 40-year journey to safety and acceptance for city cyclists

Here screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-10-32-01-pm


A history of bike infrastructure, framed by a story about a father and son living in downtown Toronto.  by Albert Koehl, published in the Toronto Star.

Here is the photo from the older article.


and you can download the article here:


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The Tour de France is in France, not on Bloor


 A timely article by Albert Koehl on the Dandyhorse Blog about keeping it real on the Bloor bike lanes.

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A few updates

Torontoist: A history of bike lanes in Toronto

Torontoist:  Why Bike Lanes Are Now More Popular in Toronto 70% of Torontonians support bike lanes!

Dandyhorse Magazine: The Life and Times of Bicycle Bob 

Cycle Toronto Bikes Bloor Danforth: a report on the recent fundraising ride for Cycle Toronto.


photo: jnyyz

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Bells on Bloor 2016: Victory Lap Edition

What a great day for a bike ride.


Volunteers were giving away bells customized with stickers designed for today’s ride.   Curbside Cycle provided these at cost, and also supplied a bike mechanic for the start of the ride.



Albert Koehl gives some introductory remarks before introducing the other speakers.


Joe Cressy says that if we can put a bike lane on Bloor, we can put a bike lane anywhere.


Gideon Forman from the David Suzuki Foundation reiterated their support for initiatives like the bike lane pilot on Bloor. The DSF also ran the Christie Pits Crawlfest as part of their Homegrown National Park series of events.


Jared Kolb talks about Cycle Toronto, and how it has been able to build on the efforts of many bike advocates.


Mike Layton preaching to the choir. We want safe streets for everyone.


A pretty good turnout on a glorious fall day.


and we’re off.


Angela in the lead with the banner.


Albert ringing that bell.


Riding past the ROM.


Down Sherbourne.


I wonder what’s happening with the removal of a concrete divider on the bike lane?


Queen’s Park Crescent.

Back along Bloor St.


We are greeted by the banner again at the end of the ride.


Cycle Toronto was providing bike valet for those who wanted to stay for the Christie Park Crawlfest.


Thanks to the organizers, the volunteers, and all those who rode with us today. Remember that although we were celebrating the Bloor bike lane pilot, our work on making safer streets for everyone has a long way to go. This pilot is just a first step towards realizing the vision of a permanent cross-town Bloor-Danforth bike lane, first recommended in 1992.

Update: Dandyhorse has some words and pictures of the group that rode in from Scarborough and the Danforth.


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Bloor St. eastbound: Wednesday AM rush hour


remember, Bells on Bloor this Sunday, Sept 25, 11 am at Christie Pits.

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