Bloor protected bike lane update

The section of the Bloor bike lane between Bathurst and Spadina has been closed for several months while sewer work was being done. At the same time, the city took the opportunity to upgrade the bike infrastructure along this stretch. This past weekend, the paving was completed, and road markings went down, and so it is easy to visualize what the finished product will look like.

Biking east, just past Bathurst, you can see the new pavement and road markings.


Here are two pictures by Lee’s Palace from Oct 30 (left) and today. You can see where the raised portion of the bike lane will be, to the right of the raised curb.

Here at Brunswick, the bike lane moves to the left past the allowed parking spaces. The concrete work still needs to be completed here, and then they can lay the gravel that will be under the raised bike lane, as seen in the previous photos.


A little further on, another section with car parking.  That’s long time bike advocate Rick who just passed me on his bakfiets.


Here is a picture of almost the same spot back in August 2016. One potential issue with the new design is that the buffer between parked cars and the bike lane is now just the width of the curb, which raises the issue of being doored from the left. It looks like the former width of the buffer was used to make room for the poured concrete transition between the sidewalk and the bike lane.


Here is a closer view of the transition between the sidewalk and the bike lane.


Now coming back west from Spadina, you can see that some things never change.


There is a raised island terminating the strip of allowed parking just in front of the Shopper’s Drug Mart.


Looking west from Roberts St, you can see that the bike lane on the north side is the same painted stripe as before. Lack of road width on this section precludes any better solution so long as some parking is preserved along this stretch.


At Bathurst, the intersection design is the same as before, with the addition of a person parked in the right turn lane.


Looking forward to the completion of the project. I’m sure that the merchants along this stretch are glad to see the fencing come down and the street reopened.

In the meantime, the full court press continues to have the bike lanes extended west to High Park, and perhaps even to Runnymede. Albert published recent coverage on Dandyhorse.

Here is a video of some supporters of this initiative, including many store owners along this stretch.

There will also be a public consultation about a bike lane pilot on the Danforth this week on Thursday Nov 7 at 6:30, Monarch Park CI. The city has also posted information here.



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