Bloor bike lane extension meeting


(graphic by Peter)

Mark your calendars for this coming Tuesday evening for a public meeting about the timeline for a westward extension of the Bloor Bike Lanes at Bloor Collegiate Institute.

The speakers include:

  • Albert Koehl (Bells on Bloor) – History of Bloor and the bicycle
  • Nancy Smith Lea (TCAT) – Bloor pilot study & what we learned
  • Jennifer Klein (Secrets from Your Sister) – The business perspective
  • Councillors Layton and/or Bailao – The view from council
  • Sharon Zikman (Doctors for Safe Cycling) – The health perspective
  • Gideon Forman (David Suzuki Foundation) – The environmental perspective
  • Jared Kolb (Cycle Toronto) – Next Steps just published an article about the upcoming meeting.

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