How many cyclists have to be on Bloor for city councillors to make the bike lane permanent?

On May 17, Albert Koehl and a group of about 30 volunteers did vehicle counts at four locations in order to assess the effects of the Bloor Bike Lane pilot on both car and bike traffic.  Albert and Chris’  report is on the Dandyblog.

Counting east bound cars in front of Trinity St. Paul.


Albert and friends at the nerve centre of operations AKA the Second Cup at Bloor and Spadina.


A few highlights:

  • Over a 24-hour period, 5,515 cyclists travelled along the Bloor bike lane at Spadina.
  • On Bloor at Spadina from 8-9 am, 43% of all traffic was bikes,
  • On Harbord at Spadina from 8-9 am, 39% of all traffic was bikes.
  • In the 7-10 a.m. rush hour period on Bloor, 80% of the passenger cars contained but a single occupant, namely the driver.

A link to the complete report is here.

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