Tuesday morning update

Another morning rush hour, biking from Shaw to St. George, headed east.


Here at Bathurst, the bike lane is directed to the left to allow a right turn lane for cars. This is one of the more controversial points in the design but the city made the decision to prioritize right turns for cars at this intersection.


Just past the intersection, two vehicles being written up for parking in the bike lane. Note the new “no stopping” signage, along with the “$150 fine” sign in yellow. Same fine as dooring a cyclist, BTW.   ( I stand corrected: as per the comment, the fine for dooring is $365 + 3 points; one wonders if it is the same fine if you door a cyclist with the right hand door?)


A little further on are the first bollards I’ve seen!


Here is another set just before Roberts St.


Note that with the bollards in place, parked cars are not going to intrude into the bike lane from the left.


At Spadina, I asked this bike dad if he had used Bloor before the bike lane went in. He said no way.  A clear win for family cycling and Bike Lanes on Bloor!



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1 Response to Tuesday morning update

  1. One minor correction is needed here. The fine for dooring a cyclist is $365 + 3 points, not $150.

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