Bike lane markings

Did you ever think you’d see the day when bike lane markings appeared on Bloor? (at least officially sanctioned ones ) Some markings and cross hatching was done overnight.


It appears that the contractor has taken some care to blow the glass microspheres over to the curb.


This should be fine for those cycling thru, but if you are squeezed right to the curb (say at an intersection), make sure that your tires don’t get coated with the stuff.


Our street sweeping activity on Sunday was written up in today’s Metro (Monday)



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1 Response to Bike lane markings

  1. HOOF&CYCLE says:

    So inspiring to experience this evolving installation in real time. I count it as a personal blessing that we are able to watch as our beloved hometown enters a new age. Sadly, some of our fellow advocates have been lost along the way.

    One fondly remembers ALL of the many people in this city – over so many years – who have had a part in seeing this pivotal, citizen-safer urban infrastructure project through to this point. It reminds us that unselfish determination in the name of the common good remains a very powerful tool, even when the odds are so stacked against what has long-been obviously necessary change.

    TORONTO is already a wiser city than it was last week. And it will be even better still, come Friday.

    WARNING to Cyclists and Pedestrians: Avoid any white “sand” build up in the lanes. It is hoped that the reflective bead excess will be quickly removed by the roadworkers to prevent the slippery substance from being tracked or wind blown back into the bike lanes or onto the sidewalks.

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