Toronto City Council approves Bike Lanes on Bloor

Today was a good day for cyclists in Toronto. City Council approved a bike lane pilot on Bloor St, to be installed in August 2016. The mood at City Council was significantly different than at last week’s PWIC meeting. Perhaps the wave of publicity on this issue since last week swayed some councillors, but in the end, Councillor Jaye Robinson changed her tune since the PWIC meeting and came out in favour. Mayor John Tory was also in support, particularly since appropriate studies would be done in conjunction with the pilot. Even Denzil Minnan-Wong, who was working very hard behind the scenes to torpedo the pilot, saw how the winds were blowing and ended up voting in favour.  In the end: 38 – 3 for the the pilot.

Toronto Star

CBC News

Globe and Mail

Albert in Dandyhorse Magazine

The crowd at the after party.


Jared and Tino.


Jacquelyn and Albert.


Congratulations to all those who worked so hard for many years to get this done.

Next up at the May PWIC: the ten year bike plan.

We’ll also be planning a Bells on Bloor victory lap sometime in the fall. Stay tuned.

As I cycled home, I reflected on the fact that this street scape is going to look very different for cyclists this fall.


Hopefully Jane Jacobs is smiling down on us, seeing what is happening in her old neighbourhood on what would have been her 100th birthday.

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2 Responses to Toronto City Council approves Bike Lanes on Bloor

  1. Justin P. Gobel says:

    Thank you to all that kept the faith, I was not so hopefully as you all.

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