Follow up coverage on the PWIC vote

Lots of media coverage on the PWIC vote, with many noting the irony that it happened on a day when former New York transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan was in town.

Star: Bike lane pilot a victim of double standard: Keenan

Torontoist:  The Bloor Bike Lanes Pilot Should Be a Council No-Brainer. Here’s Why It’s Not.

Metronews: Committee split on Bloor bike lane pilot ahead of council vote

Urban Toronto: Janette Sadik-Khan: Bike Lane Notes for a “New Road Order”

Toronto Sun: Bloor St. bike lane proposal punted to council

PWIC Chair Councillor Jaye Robinson tries to portray herself as the voice of reason by asking city staff to clearly articulate both what data will be measured, and what criteria would define the pilot project as “a success”.  This is like asking a politician to take a public poll on a hot button issue and to commit ahead of time to a course of action if the results of the poll were a specified percentage for or against.

Over to you, City Council……


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