Tie Vote at PWIC

A tie vote at today’s PWIC meeting means that the bike lane pilot moves to City Council on Monday.

Star Coverage here:

If you have a lot of patience, you can scroll through today’s meeting here:

Some highlights:

  • Matt from Basecamp Climbing 47:08
  • Albert Koehl, David Harrison, and James Choi  58:29
  • Bloor Annex  BIA  1:21:28
  • Central Toronto Academy  1:41:20
  • Wayne Scott  2:20:53
  • Howard Chang 2:33:54
  • Hamish Wilson 3:44:16
  • Jared Kolb 3:52:00

Video excerpts:

Albert, David and James

Bloor/Annex BIA:

Jared Kolb

A reporter talks to some of today’s youngest deputants during a break.


Wayne Scott asks why we’re still just talking about Bike Lanes on Bloor after 40 years. He remembers arguing with some previous members of PWIC who were the parents of some of the current members.


There was overwhelming support from the public, and all six local residents’ associations in the study area. The Bloor Annex BIA was also on board with doing the pilot so that appropriate data about the economic impact of bike lanes on Bloor could be measured. In spite of all this, the fact that there was a bare quorum meant that the future of the pilot depended on the opinions of four councillors.

Nevertheless, since the matter now passes to council, we must regard a tie vote as a win.


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2 Responses to Tie Vote at PWIC

  1. Wayne Scott says:

    Just to be clear, while there are a number of second generation politicians on council, but the only duo on the current PWIC roster I actually had occasion to “argue” with is/was Stephen “Snowbound” Holyday and his ever-dim dad, Doug.

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