Ward 20 Community Environment Day

Yesterday was one of the city’s community environment days, in Ward 20.  It was an opportunity for people to drop off hazardous waste, such as old paint, fluorescent bulbs, etc. There were also some tables set up by the City for environmental outreach, along with folks from Toronto Hydro, and various local groups such as the Toronto Environmental Alliance, Stop Line 9, and Toronto350.

The call went out for volunteers to collect a few more signatures for the Bloor loves Bikes petition.  I agreed to take a 12-1 shift.  Of course, it was also an opportunity to clear my garage of old paint.


Just after off loading my paint beside Central Tech.


While canvassing, what impressed me was the large number of people coming by on foot or pulling up by bike. The mode share seemed higher than what one would see in my home area of Ward13.


This made it easy to collect more signatures for the cause, although the lion’s share of the work was done by the volunteers on the earlier shift. I got many positive comments, although many people were assuming that the bike lanes on Bloor were a done deal. I also talked to two women who remarked that the bike lane enhancements on Harbord have made it safer for pedestrians like themselves.

While it was fun to talk to people about bike lanes, energy conservation, etc, I must admit that the most exciting thing for me was to see the new raccoon proof green bins that are going to be rolled out across the city this summer. The downside to the bins is that they are much larger than the old ones. I was told that this was to make it easier for them to be picked up by machine.  The black knob is what you rotate to lock the lid.


The cool thing about the bin is that it has a sensor so that when it is picked up and fully inverted, the lid opens automatically. Hopefully the raccoons won’t be reading this website so that they pick up this trick.


After my shift, while riding along Harbord, I had to note the large number of bikes outside Harbord Bakery, a business that had led the opposition to bike lanes for many years. I took this picture while standing in an unoccupied auto parking space.


A week this coming Monday is the vote at PWIC. Time for the final push!  Thanks to Councillor Cressy for hosting today’s event, and for his continuous support of the Bloor bike lane pilot.


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