Bike Lanes on Bloor

As it gets warmer, and the road crews working on bicycle infrastructure come out of hibernation, here is a timely editorial by Albert Koehl, published in Dandyhorse Magazine. Word is of yet another feasibility study for bike lanes on Bloor. We would like to push for a pilot project on Bloor, sooner rather than later.

In short:

  • Implement a pilot bike lane on a portion of Bloor St. this summer (2015!)
  • Assess the findings of the pilot with a view to expanding it to other parts of Bloor (and Danforth) in 2016
  • Save the $300,000 cost of the unnecessary EA and invest it in building permanent bike lanes on Bloor-Danforth, based on the pilot results.

There is also a follow up piece by Tammy Thorne with some statements from Ward 20 Councillor Joe Cressy that addresses some of the same issues. The title says it all: “Bike lanes on Bloor on the back burner again?”

The Bells on Bloor group is focusing its energies this summer on pushing for a pilot of bike lanes this year, rather than at some point in the indefinite future.

For those of you who were looking for a group ride downtown, fear not, Bells on Danforth is staking out Saturday June 6, 2015.

In addition, there will be the second edition of the Reading Line bikes and books tour on May 30, 2015. This time we are riding from Kipling along Bloor, all the way downtown. It will be a family friendly ride.

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  1. Do you have a newsletter that informs people of upcoming rallies? I’d love to come to one

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