Bells on Bloor 2013 Preview

Withe one week to go, Albert led a preview of Bells on Bloor to orient some of the volunteer ride marshals.

All riders should gather in the grassy area off Bloor to the west side of the High Park Blvd. entrance. Here we all are, with Albert showing off the message on the back of his shirt. On ride day, many marshalls will be wearing these orange shirts, and all will be wearing reflective yellow vests.


Anthony has a Rolloff equipped bike with interesting downturned touring bars.

Joey shows off his new bike and chats about fender mounting.

Please bear in mind that two lanes of Bloor St. are torn up right now for resurfacing, so if you can possibly do so, come to the start point from the north along High Park Blvd.

Here we set off down the construction zone. At this point, it is not clear whether the police helping next week will direct us into one lane of traffic, or down this closed section. If you bike down the unsurfaced section, go slow and bear in mind that there are a few raised manhole covers to be avoided.

Albert leads the way.

At Brunswick Ave.

This year, we will turn south on St. George St. and then east again on Harbord to Queen’s Park Crescent. This is to avoid conflict with the Toronto Freedom March.

Turning into Queen’s Park at the southern end of the crescent. Don’t worry, next week we will have more riders.

Albert debriefing at the end. This is where the cycle and rally will be.

The rough schedule is as follows:

11:15 Volunteer ride marshalls to arrive at High Park.
12:00 a few brief announcements, and then we ride!
1:30 approximate time of arrival of last riders. Bells on Danforth and Bells on Yonge will probably arrive a little later, the Walk and Roll Caravan a little earlier.
2:00 Cycle and Sole Rally
2:30 end of event and return ride to Ward 13.

At the end of the ride, look for me on this bike, and I will have freezies for the kids. I will also be leading the return ride to Ward 13.

The return ride is brought to you by the Ward 13 group of Cycle Toronto.ward13 We will come back along Harbord-Hepbourne-Shanly-Wallace-Railpath-Annette.

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